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What is the difference between: a retrofit adviser, a retrofit assessor, a retrofit designer and a retrofit coordinator?

Retrofit advisor

A retrofit advisor provides independent advice to homeowners throughout the retrofit process such as advice on design options, operations and maintenance of retrofit measures. They should have a professional qualification as an architect, engineer or surveyor who can also advise you of any other issues with your home such as structural defects, damp, etc that need to be dealt with before work on energy upgrade begins. A retrofit advisor should be fully independent, and should never be the person actually carrying out the works.

They should be qualified to give advice and should have professional indemnity. Check for references.

A BER assessor

A BER Assessor carries out BER assessments and provides homeowners with a BER advisory report with recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of their homes. SEAI provides a list of registered BER assessors to conduct a BER assessment with an advisory report.

Project coordinator

SEAI uses the term  project coordinator  for companies that manage one stop shops and the Better Energy Communities schemes. They may be qualified  contractors, energy suppliers, product suppliers or engineers. They oversee the entire project from start to finish, including planning, organising and managing the different players involved in the retrofit project (e.g. contractors, finance providers, grant providers). Check that the project coordinator has professional indemnity, necessary insurances and will provide warranties for the retrofit works during and after the home retrofit project. A list of SEAI registered project coordinators can be found here.

Technical Advisor

A Technical Advisor is generally an engineer, architect or quantity surveyor who is also a Domestic BER Assessor.. Before you apply for an SEAI heat pump grant, you must hire a Technical Advisor. They will make a Technical Assessment of your home with a report which provides information on measures to do to make your home “heat pump ready”.  The technical assessment will need to be uploaded with your online application. A  list of  SEAI registered independent Technical Advisors can be found here.

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